For Sellers

Dear Client,

Welcome to Wozniakowski Nieruchomosci which is a unique company who's focus is not to sell fast but to make the best sale!  We focus on security, attractive conditions and transparency of transactions. Your conditions of cooperation are our priority and we are talking about the final amount "on hand" for you and the date of handing over the apartment. We are unique and flexible.

Our trained personnel will carry out the entire sales process. From examining the needs, through choosing the right tools, acquiring and customer service, to negotiating and signing the sales contract. All we need is a speck of your trust.

The standard of each offer is a photo session, we choose a promotional film, visualization or 3D walk. It depends on the needs of your property.

Our goal is not to bring the most customers, but to get the best deal!

Why us?

1. A specialist available 24/7 for customer service regarding your property,

2. The best marketing on the market - developed over the years,

3. Only 1.95% gross,

4. The value of real estate sold in the company exceeds PLN 10,000,000.