Get the EXCLUSIVE package that everyone can afford!
Get more with modern solutions and low commission.

Exclusive package for everyone

We charge a single, fixed and unbeatable commission for all customers. It amounts to 1.95% gross. As part of the package you get:
· recommendations, referrals and access to interested company clients,
· effective advertising on portals and the help of a dedicated broker,
· a photo shoot and a video promotion,
· visualizations and 3D walking,
· sales strategy,
· Access to clients outside of ad portals (Facebook and Google).


Why sell with us?

We are brokers that have never been seen before. Because we act differently from other real estate brokers. We break schemes and introduce new rules. We treat sellers and buyers with equal respect. We provide the best possible conditions for both parties to a transaction.

100% of our customers appreciate:

· clear rules,
· fair deals,
· rich experience,
· creative approach,
· modern tools.

Woźniakowski Real estate in numbers

value of sold
real estate / per month
purpose: to sell
your property

Selling is easy!

  1. You contact us
    You choose an agent from your area and make an appointment in your apartment.
  2. You meet the Agent
    At the meeting you set a pricing strategy with the Agent. Prepare a Land Register number or a document certifying ownership.
  3. We prepare the offer
    The agent selects tools and presents an idea for sale.
  4. We serve customers
    The agent is available 7 days a week to serve customers.
  5. We sign a sales contract
    We call you with information about the sale of real estate with the corresponding negotiated amount.

In case of a loan

We lead to the signing of a secure preliminary agreement under which you receive a 10% deposit - non-refundable in case of cancellation. Within 2-3 months from the preliminary agreement you sign the sales contract and after a few days the bank transfers the money to your account. In the meantime you can expect a real estate appraiser.

In case of cash

We lead to the signing of a secure preliminary agreement, under which you receive a 10,000 PLN deposit - non-refundable in case of cancellation. Within 2 weeks from the preliminary contract you sign a sales contract. You use a notary's deposit, thanks to which you get a guarantee of receiving the money.

Contact us

Select an Agent who is responsible for the area where your property is located or contact us using the form below.

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Krystyna Grzybek

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